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Weekly Apartment Marketing Round-Up – November 2, 2012

Posted by Jacob Gerber on November 2, 2012 / Posted in Weekly Apartment Marketing Round-Up

Jacob Gerber


Every Friday, Rentping Media publishes a round-up of great articles from around the internet relating to apartment marketing. This week we have something for everyone with a huge variety of articles. Enjoy!

Social Media for Apartments:

  • "A History of Social Media [Infographic]." From Copyblogger, a fascinating timeline that traces the timeline of social media, all the way from the first email and Usenet to Google+ and Pinterest.

SEO for Apartment Websites:

  • "Google: A Single Tweak Won't Boost Your Search Rankings." The biggest mistakes people make on SEO come down to efforts to find the silver bullet to launch their website into search engine orbit. Single changes don't work--real SEO progress comes only by a long process that takes a lot of knowledge, experience, and work.

Facebook for Apartments:

  • "Rumor Says Facebook May Create Classified Ads--Again." Facebook has tried in the past to provide classified ad services to its users, and now it sounds like they are starting up the process again. This could be good news for apartment marketers, although it sounds as though Facebook might charge for posting ads.

Apartment Videos:

Apartment Websites:

  • "A Crash Course in Conversion." How do you get the traffic to your website actually to convert into qualified leads and leases? Unbounce has a great guide here.

Google AdWords for Apartments:

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