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Weekly Apartment Marketing Round-Up: July 27, 2012

Posted by Jacob Gerber on July 27, 2012 / Posted in Weekly Apartment Marketing Round-Up

Jacob Gerber


Apartment Marketing:

  • "Apartment Marketers Get 'Real' With Video." Fantastic article from Paul Bergeron in July's Units Magazine that examines a lot of very important questions in regard to using video effectively to market your property. We looked at one aspect of Paul's article earlier this week in our post "Get 'Real' Apartment Videos!"
  • "How to Use Testimonials to Grow Your Business." Great thoughts here from Pam Lontos about getting and using testimonials to get more leases. Testimonials can be your most effective marketing!
  • "14 Real-Life Examples of CTA Copy YOU Should Copy." From HubSpot, great tips on how to make your calls to action more effective. We wrote earlier this week about how we increased conversion rates on one apartment website by 53% through adding calls to action, and HubSpot's article is a great follow-up to that.
  • "5 Rules for Marketing in the Age of Discovery." A very good survey of the development of marketing approaches over time. The first rule was particular helpful: "Your product is your message: hopefully you are proud of what you market and feel it has value over the competition, as it will be increasingly hard to hide from it. Consumer opinions will continue to grow in importance and influence. Successful brands will not shy away from product trial but embrace it and create programs that help happy consumers advocate."

Social Media:

General Multifamily Management:

  • "10 Quick Tips for a Successful Lease Renewal." Multifamily Pro has a good article here on some thoughts for successful lease renewals. 5 of the tips are for face-to-face lease renewal meetings, and 5 of the tips are for renewal letters.
  • "Top 10 Tips for a Trauma-Less Apartment Transition." Also from Multifamily Pro, great article with a lot of practical, experienced wisdom on how to handle a very difficult part of multifamily management: transitioning from one management company to another.

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