Weekly apartment marketing round-up, March 15, 2013

Posted by Jake Meador on March 15, 2013  /   Posted in Weekly Apartment Marketing Round-Up

Apartment marketing

Tami Siewruk has a helpful article on some good apartment marketing ideas for this spring. 

Wordstream has a good article on how to improve click-through rates on any marketing emails you send out.

John Jantsch of Duct Tape Marketing has a really important read on “integrated marketing,” which is something we talk about a ton here at Rentping Media.

Are you a property manager or leasing agent trying to convince a reluctant owner or regional manager to be more active on Facebook or invest more in SEO? Gini Dietrich has a few tips for you.

Google AdWords

Earlier this week, Slate looked at a study done by eBay and asked “Did eBay just prove that paid ads don’t work?” Wordstream’s got the answer: No. Not remotely. Not even close. Good paid search ads work. Bad ones don’t. It’s not hard…. unless you’re eBay, apparently.

Social Media

What’s the future of social media marketing? HubSpot has a few ideas.

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