Weekly Apartment Marketing Round-Up – November 16, 2012

Posted by Jacob Gerber on November 16, 2012  /   Posted in Weekly Apartment Marketing Round-Up

Every Friday, Rentping Media publishes a round-up of great articles from around the internet relating to apartment marketing. This week, we have great apartment marketing articles about building traffic and strategy. Enjoy!

Craigslist for Apartments:

  • MonitorHits.” Mike Brewer reviews an interesting service that can help you track your success on Craigslist. Really interesting concept, and something that might help your company produce more accurate analytics from your advertising on Craigslist.

SEO for Apartment Websites:

Apartment Marketing Strategy:

  • How to Discover Your Perfect Value Proposition.” One of the most crucial steps in developing your own internet marketing presence is when your community figures outyour value proposition. Not every community is a luxury community or a cheap community or a value community, so what makes your community stick out? Determining your perfect value proposition goes a long way to targeting your marketing so that you can bring in only the most qualified leads.
  • For the Love of Science – 18 Behavioral Marketing Posts You Shouldn’t Miss.” Fascinating, science-driven articles that will help you get into the heads of your prospective residents. Not all of them apply to the multifamily industry, but really great stuff nonetheless.

Google AdWords for Apartments:

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